What about young people like me?

We had two young people pay the mayoral candidates a visit, and ask what their vision for young Londoners were.

With Sadiq Khan’s recent election to London Mayor, all eyes are on City Hall in the coming year, and what they will do for young people across the capital. Faced with a range of crises, it is important that we have a strong plan for young people in the capital.

As such we sent two young people from Brent Young Advisors and Lewisham Youth CouncilSaffron and Lucy, to ask questions to Sian Berry, Sophie Walker, and Caroline Pidgeon about their vision for young Londoners. We want to thank them for giving their time – they had some great ideas, and we hope we will see many of them in the future.

Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon:
·         will set up a consultative group with representatives from every group and community including children. The consultative group will give community representative a voice City Hall.
·         will take on board the views of the Youth Council reps from every Boroughs in order to gain a better picture of issues affecting young people
·         set up a London Wide Careers Service to make sure young people get the right advice at the right time
·         set up a one-stop shop Apprenticeship Service at City Hall to match businesses and young people seeking apprenticeships
·         She will build more homes and set up a state-of-the-art Construction Academy to train young people on construction skills
·         supports the Vote 16 campaign

Sian Berry

Sian Berry:
·         will set up a Youth Assembly, that will bring more young people into City Hall’s decision-making. The assembly will be able to investigate issues, put forward proposals, monitor and scrutinise what the Mayor is  doing.
·         will fund skills-based further education to help young people get jobs and apprenticeships, for example digital and coding skills for girls
·         will increase council tax and use some of the money allocated to police crisis centres to fund Youth Services.
·         supports the Vote 16 campaign
·         will groups and organisations working to address bullying and harassment to promote their work on Transport for London advertising space. And by so doing will hope to change attitudes in society.

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker
·         will fund specialists sex and relationship education for all schools in London
·         will Introduce 50-50 apprenticeships: equal numbers of young men and young women for whatever apprenticeship job
·         will appoint a Female Tech Icons for London and a Tech Ambassadors in every Borough to inspire young women
·         will establish equal pay practices starting at City Hall and establish an Antidiscrimination task force.
·         Youth Services: she will constitute a cross-party committee to look at housing and building communities. She willenable young people to get involved in the planning process  – helping to design Youth Centres and other facilities
·         supports the Vote 16 campaign