In working together to deliver a brighter future for young Londoners, we know it is important to agree on shared values. This guides not just what we do, but how and why we do it. Our values amount to a set of principles that define the nature of the partnership between all of those working to improve the outcomes for London’s young people. We hope as many organisations and institutions working with young people share these values and build them into their policy and delivery in whatever way is appropriate.
  1. Youth-led

Most importantly, we will put young people at the centre of all we do.  This means being youth-led and listening to the voices of young people.  But it also means making sure we include all young people, with no one missing out.  In this way, our vision is inclusive and focused on developing the assets of every young Londoner, regardless of background, race, colour, sexual orientation or creed.

  1. United

Secondly, we commit to meaningful and sustained collaboration.  A vision for young Londoners implies the creation of a united young people’s sector in London.  This means developing a clear and common voice.  It means combining our resources and innovating together where there are clear gains for young Londoners.  It also means that we will share our knowledge and improve the evidence base of what works, so that all services and support for young Londoners improves.

  1. Positive

Thirdly, we will be positive and aspirational for young Londoners.  Of course, we will be pragmatic working for what is realistic and achievable.  But we aim to work constructively not confrontationally with all those who can influence the future for London’s young people.  Where this takes us into advocacy and influencing others, we will emphasise the collective benefits to be gained.  Where it involves delivering services, we will be guided by where we can create and add value.

  1. Enabling

Finally, our work together will be guided by the imperative of enabling young people, providing the tools and support for them to develop their own resilience and create their own futures.  Our emphasis will be on providing the most enabling environment possible, creating a climate that encourages their participation, the use of their skills, interests and aspirations.