Priority Five: Healthier London


  • London needs to secure high quality access to mental health support, with the encouragement of resilience, support across families and schools, and impact measurement beyond numbers
  • We need to create an environment where young people feel confident and able to travel freely across all of London.
    Safeguarding existing spaces for young people, routinely consider young people’s education and well-being in equalities impact assessments
  • ‘Young people aged 10-19 years account for more than half of hospital admissions for eating disorders, with the largest number among young women aged 15.
  • Around 13% of boys and 10% of girls aged 11-15 have mental health problems, with 32% of 15 year old girls and 11% of 15 year old boys report self-harming.
  • Half of all lifetime cases of psychiatric disorders start by age 14 and three quarters by age 24. Some estimates suggest the majority start before age 18’. Association of Young People’s Health 2016


  • Duty as society to promote positive mental health
  • Mental health problems are starting younger, and there are increasing mental health problems among young people
  • Getting children and young people onto the health agenda is a constant battle
    The increasing pressure to succeed academically and the knock on impact on mental health


  • CYP need more time and space for play and leisure
  • London should be a world famous city for children and young people with a Children and Young People Friendly City Mark
  • Increased use of community groups for mental health and well-being – Sharing youth led resources awareness of mental health from primary schools age upwards
  • Convene events that bring young people together to look at health across London
  • Signposting and facilitating access to community assets – social prescribing
  • Better support and training for schools on mental health
  • Recognition of the needs of young people in planning


  • Include healthy spaces in town planning
  • CYP should be at the forefront of all mayors policy and planning
  • The Mayor to advocate on services and community assets for young people

The ask for the GLA

  • The GLA to champion London as a children and young people friendly city using the UNICEF framework
  • Mayor to lead with the Youth Mayor a young people’s mental health campaign

Next meeting

Action points from the meeting 06.06.2017

Notes from Meeting 23.10.17

Next meeting  17th January 4-5:30pm Guildhall.

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