Priority Four: Inclusive Education


  • Recognising the significance of ‘soft’ skills in skills gaps, there is a need for a curriculum for life which builds on transferrable skills.
    Investment in a web of positive activities outside of schools, to develop stronger links between schools/education and the informal sector
  • Embedding life skills in the London Curriculum and reviewing the role played by the informal education sector to deliver on this
  • ‘An Audit Commission report in 2009 on the benefits of sports and leisure activities in preventing anti-social behaviour among young people estimated that a young person in the criminal justice system costs the taxpayer over £200,000 by the time they are 16. But one who is given support to stay out of trouble costs less than £50,000’ Young People Count 2016


  • Too many young Londoners still don’t have the chance to develop the skills and take advantage of the opportunities of our city.
  • Young people need to feel equipped for a great future so that London and its communities are stronger


  • Create a better, and more inclusive approach to education in London that supports and opens up opportunities for young people.
  • Taking a restorative approach to young people across London that builds resilience and skills for the future.


  • To work across the London curriculum, looking at soft skills, evidence and impact, and restorative approaches
  • To develop more consistent links across business partnerships, formal and informal education to prepare young people for work
  • Engage with new ways of learning using digital and tech to engage more young people

The ask for the GLA

  • The mayor to lead on an inclusive education campaign across London focusing on young people on the margins
  • Host platforms where the informal sector and formal education sector can come together to develop the skills offer for young people

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