Priority Seven: Evidencing Impact


  • We need to share and generate more evidence of effective practice
  • Working across sector to develop a ‘what works’ bank of resources i.e. Collaborate with business to establish a what works hub focused on aligning CSR with the needs of young people and the youth sector


  • We need to change hearts and minds about impact and evaluation
  • Existing evidence doesn’t tell us enough about the experience of all young people
  • We struggle to evidence the impact of our work around intangible areas like social integration and community cohesion
  • We don’t understand enough about what constitutes quality evidence
  • Practitioners are overburdened with inappropriate evidence gathering – and they don’t know what happens to the data
  • Evidence is not used effectively to inform investment or service design
  • Practitioners don’t know where to find existing research or evidence
  • We don’t know enough about the gaps in service provision and funders don’t always use the evidences that they have access to or incentivise good evidence practice amongst grantees


  •  Success = high level collaboration, engagement and participation amongst providers
  • Better ability to access various types of evidence that is useful to inform practice
  • Knowledge of where and how to contribute practice based evidence
  • Collaboration across funders using shared metrics, common research questions, mobilisation of funders evidence and data
  • Shared measures across the youth sector
  • Shared understanding of the research questions and gaps
  • Shared understanding of evidence and what this means for practice


  • A research panel which draws together academics practitioners, funders commissioners and young people share and agree common research agenda
  • A data platform to collect and share data in young people’s experiences using common parameters i.e. youth observatory in partnership with the GLA
  • A new repository of research undertake in universities tagged and indexed to allow for easy sorting
  • An inter practice network connecting students, researchers and practitioners to work on collaboratively on evaluation, evidence generation and research

The ask of the GLA

  • The data store to work with other partners to do a root and branch review of the data available around young people
  • To identify and undertake data modelling around young people’s changing needs across the region

Next meeting

Action points from the meeting 26.07.2017.

Next meeting 4th October 4-5:30pm. Guildhall

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