Priority Six: Skills Gap


  • Reducing the skills gaps by improving engagement between schools and businesses and bridging the gaps to entry level roles
  • Addressing the fragmented careers advice and guidance in place across London
  • Developing the London curriculum to align it more to the skills needed by employers
  • Engaging with the Skills for Londoners board moving forward post Brexit
  • Getting employer engagement even earlier with schools – building a breadth of opportunity in London with London Ambitions


  • ‘In the period February-April 2016, 27.7% of 16-17 year olds and 11.9% of 18-24 year olds were unemployed, compared with 4.7% of 25-34 year olds, 3.2% of 35-49 year olds, and 3.6% of 50- 64 year olds.’ Unison ‘The Damage’ 2016.
  • Most young people educated in the state sector think that their schools prepared them poorly for adult working life
  • Young adults who experienced greater volume of school-mediated employer engagement feel better prepared for the adult working world
  • Most employer engagement was not helpful in making decisions at age 16, unless teenagers recalled 4+ activities
  • Most employer engagement was not helpful in applying for university, unless teenagers recalled 4+ activities’
  • Most employer engagement was not helpful in applying for a full-time job, but participation in 3+ activities made a big difference.’ Education and Employers Task Force 2017


  • There’s a skills gap between what business and the economy needs now and in the future and the skills and opportunities that young people have
  • 60% of children in primary schools will be doing jobs that don’t exist now


  • A campaign supporting schools, families and communities to understand the changing face of work
    Developing the work of London Ambitions for both the formal and informal sector .


  • Work with Skills for Londoners Taskforce, bringing our resources across the statutory, business and voluntary sector
    Aligning the work with London Ambitions to create a regional offer to the informal sector.

The ask of the GLA

  • To set up a youth advisory committee to support the Skills for Londoners Board and inform the LEAP
  • To fully implement London Ambitions across London and ensure that young Londoners have access to high quality careers advice and guidance

Next Meeting

Action points from the meeting 26.07.2017

Next meeting TBC

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