Priority Three: Radical Youth Led Action


Support lowering the voting age to 16

Adding value to youth voice as stakeholders in the Vision

Creating engagement – developing Young People’s curiosity, seems of entitlement and resilient so they take advantage of opportunities

Harness digital technologies so it becomes impossible to ignore.


There is the need to move from tokenistic advice from young people and gather the true spectrum of young people’s voices in policy and planning.


  • Young people are recognised as legitimate stakeholder group and represented across regional planning
  • Collaboration in place across young people and agencies around youth led campaigns
  • Shared resources and platforms aligned to collate voices and profile campaigns
  • Service planning looks at life span trajectory, transition points and inter-generational work
  • Young people are supported and prepared to engage in these processes


  • Young people are represented and have key roles and responsibilities in decision making processes
  • Youth led platforms for action and collaborations coordinating and disseminating the tools
  • Collaborations in place across partners to support youth led campaigns  via networks such as YLPN
  • Youth led campaigns supported by digital technologies

The ask for the GLA

  • The London Mayoral elections should be extended to 16 year olds across the capital
  • To have youth representatives on the Mayor’s Brexit panel

Next meeting

Notes from meeting  08.11.17

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